I provide services include weddings, namings and Renewal of vows. I would also happily perform a  committment ceremony for a couple who wish to confirm their relationship in the presence of their family and friends. I understand that people have differing ideas on how their ceremony should look and I am willing to discuss these situations. 
Outdoor Setting - Toowoomba celebrant

Your wedding day is a significant part of your life story and as such should be given the considerarion it deserves. I have an initial meeting with all prospective couple and at that meeting we discuss my suitability as your celebrant. 

​If you wish to proceed we discuss the various legal aspects of your wedding plans and complete a "Notice of intended Marriage".


We then proceed to the discussions about your ceremony content. At this point I will provide you with material to contemplate when deciding what you would like included. I have a number of books with suggested ceremonies and readings or you may have access to material that you feel is more personal.

A Naming ceremony for a Toowoomba family
Naming Ceremonies
A naming ceremonies for your child is a very personal event for both you and the child. The memory for you and the history of the occassion will be carried by both you and your child for life.
It is important that you, your family and your friends are fully involved as they will play a very important roll in the childs life as they progress through the years. Some of these people will be the childs grand parents and god parents.
The guidance the child recieves at all levels will have an influence on their life and the naming ceremony is the commencement of that very important roll.




Renewal of Vows
To celebrate a special mile stone in your marriage you may wish to restate you committment to each other by renewing you vows. It is an occassion to celebrate your special relationship with family and friends and will bring a special meaning to your day.
I will work with you to create a ceremony that suits the occassion and meets your needs.